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EnkiBot automates the improvement of your team’s skills.

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Don’t have permissions to add to your Slack?

If you’re in a team where you don’t have permissions to add our bot, here’s what to do:

  1. Talk to one of your admins that you’d like to try it (mentioning it’s a private-channel demo);
  2. In the meantime, and we can show you how it works ourselves!

Say hello to Enkibot!

Great to meet you, I hope we can learn a lot together!
(psst... my curriculum is open source!)

AI skills mentor of the future

Enkibot is an AI mentor who lives in Slack. Now your team can start their day with a challenge, and learn something new every day. Mentors can use the bot too, to keep track of skills, distribute learning content, and watch the progress of those they're mentoring in real time.

Skills, Visualized

Visualize what you know relative to the industry. See what your whole team knows, identify strengths and where team members can mentor each other to improve the whole team’s capability.

Check EnkiBot out on product hunt

Skills Map
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Teamwide Training.

Easily invite everyone on your team who might want to learn or sharpen their skills. Mentor with ease, no setup, tests, or extra software required. The best part? You can even edit the curriculum yourself, it's open source, and you can add any content with a URL.

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Always Personal.

EnkiBot tracks your progress to create daily training sessions just for you. Don't spend time going over the same basic principles, and don't jump into tutorials you don't have the prerequisite knowledge for. Get micro-lessons tailored to what the bot has seen you do.