The simplest way to build skills.

We build personalized bots to help you test, visualize and level up skills simply and effectively. Content and interactions are bite-sized, use the latest in learning science, and adapt to each user over time. The future of continuous learning is here.

Personalized solutions to level up your team

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Level up your programming skills or learn to code with daily workouts — anytime, anywhere! Choose any one of our dev skill topics to get a personalized training path and improve your skills. Track your progress, unlock games, join a team of friends or coworkers, and rise through the ranks!

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For companies and teams

Enki is built for every level of development

Put your team’s knowledge to the test, see where everyone ranks, identify where you and team mates can become stronger.


Over 1M devs

of all levels use Enki


Stay ahead of the curve

keep skills up-to-date


Explore new skills

tens of topics available


Track progress

across your team

Personalized solutions to level up your team

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Join the community and learn how you can contribute to our Open Source learning initiatives, or integrate your own open-source community’s materials into Enki